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THE TRUTH WILL OUT: In an article entitled "The Slow Slaying of Public Education', in The Age 15 February 1999, Kenneth Davidson, draws this obvious conclusion.

Victoria is now spending the least per Government-school student of all the Australian States on Government education . The Education Minister,Mr Gude,  in response to the Productivity Commission report which reveals this fact,   claims that

" The delivery of Government school education in Victoria is the most resource-efficient in Australia."

Tjhis resource efficiency has been achieved through the closing of 370 public schools, and the sacking of 8000 teachers.The result has been the falling off of the retention rate in government schools and the privitisation of government schools, particularly in affluent suburbs.

So the poor get poorer and the rich get richer as those who can afford the private sector buy out of the government school system or search for state schools in wealthy areas.

Kenneth Davidson has not outlined in detail the showering of  private schools with funds from the public Treasury . Although he notes that "thanks to state aid, private education has a far larger grip here than it does in Britain."

And  what none of the mainstream media are prepared to analyse is the ever increasing and massive endowment of our new establishment - the Roman Catholic Church- through grants to its mushrooming education services. (See Press Release #1)

The DOGS however, have noted the close liaison between the political parties and the Bishops, particularly at election time. And State Aid statistics and employment statistics indicate that in our newly class structured society, those from the right religious background enjoy a first class ticket to heaven, the good job and the right connections over those with the wrong religious or background or bank account.

Pity help the poor! For the men of God are dedicated to a structured society in which they will always be with us. They are condemned by both politicians and churchmen to being second class citizens in their own "unlucky country"!

It is only through an education system which is publicly funded, owned, controlled, accountable, accessible and universal that our children can have the opportunities which is their democratic birthright.




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