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 The above statements come from the mouths of prominent Roman Catholics in the public domain. If the D.O.G.S. had said it, they would have been vilified as sectarian, bigoted, anti-Catholic  etc. etc.

 Who said it? Tony Abbott was quoted by Michelle Grattan in the Age internet site on November 1 as follows:

"The Catholisation of the Coalition is one of the significant cultural shifts in recent Australian politics."

Michelle Grattan further noted that

"Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries who are Catholic include Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile, Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews, Helen Coonan, Brendan Nelson, Joe Hockey, Peter McGauran, Chris Ellison, Andrew Robb, Malcolm Turnbull, Christopher Pyne, and Theresa Gambaro."

Tony Abbott calls this the "Mick " influence.

Statements regarding the Catholisation of the public service and the prisons have arisen in a speech delivered by Father Joe Caddy, Chair, Catholic Social Service Australia ( the umbrella organisation for all the Roman Catholic welfare organisations throughout Australia). Catholic Social Service Australia comprises 61 member organisations providing some 500 services to over a million Australians each year. Father Joe Caddy, in a parliamentary breakfast speech on Tuesday, 17 October 2006, in a speech published on the Catholic Social Service Australia website revealed that :

"Catholics are also over-represented in the public service.."

and later,

"It is also worth noting as prison chaplain, that in my observation, Catholics are over-represented in that population too."

D.O.G.S. note with interest that persons connected with our organisation have been referring to the Catholisation of  fundamental Australian institutions in both thought and action since the mid 1960s.

The D.O.G.S. have noted on many occasions the influence of Roman Catholic members of both the parliament and the bureaucracy have led to the undermining of  statistical data together with accountability for public funding of private church school education. Employment and prison statistics have also been sanitised. The Catholisation of the legal structures affected the High Court Challenge to State Aid as early as 1957. ( See our story of the High Court case at

The Catholicisation has also affected the Press and academic institutions etc. etc.

D.O.G.S. find the statement of Father Joe Caddy of some interest. Our former Secretary of D.O.G.S. Lance Hutchinson, in 1963, before the public launch of the D.O.G.S. printed a pamphlet for an organisation known as State Education Protection Association. This pamphlet caused an unimaginable furore from the faithful in the Roman Catholic population. The title was : "Would State Aid be a Good Investment? Comparison!! Effective result of School Systems on the People of Victoria from 1873 to 1963."

We quote from this pamphlet as follows:


"From the foregoing analysis of crime, broken homes, alcoholism and child delinquency and neglect it will be apparent that segregation of children into groups isolated from the rest of the community has not produced  in large numbers of Catholics those basic moral virtues which largely inspired the costly experiment.

it is fair to say that the State school system has been substantially more effective in producing morally balanced citizens than the method of segregation and religious indoctrination embodied in the Catholic education system."

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