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Roy Martin, the Research Officer from the Australian Education Union has recently completed a research project on the  change in share of students enrolments from 1982-2001. DOGS have been doing research on these trends from 1872 and 1964.

This most recent research is of interest. He notes that in the period 1982-2001 private school enrolments have increased an average of 0.39% per annum to a total of 7.4% over twenty years.

"Other" , that is non-Roman Catholic and non-Anglican schools have increased the most - by 4.6%. Anglican schools have increased by 1.3% (although they are now entering the field in a more concerted way, particularly in Sydney. Roman Catholic have increased by 1.6%.

Since 1985 there are 8% fewer public schools and 1.5% fewer students. Since that date private schools have increased by 7% and the number of students by 40%.

DOGS predicted this trend when State Aid was first given in 1964. And of course, in recent years as the private church sector have become greedier and greedier, the public schools have become needier and needier.

Remember back in 1973 when we all had to feel sorry for those poor little parish schools. And if you questioned State Aid you were vilified as sectarian? Go now and have a look at the Xavier sports facilities and the many swimming pools in the private sector.

Our taxes at work. Yet some Roman Catholic principals in Melbourne are still bleating about the double education tax paid by private school parents. Apart from a strange sectarian view of education, DOGS note that it is public school parents that are now paying double taxation and their children are suffering.

Roy Martin also presents a graph of Commonwealth funding favoritism to the private sector since the Hawke Government came to power in 1982.

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Last modified:Wednesday, 10 August 2005