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* Goodness how time flies, it's NAPLAN reporting season again. And apparently results progressively decline from Year 3 to Year 9. What a surprise! Once again: serious hand-wringing, without any attempt to join all the dots. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Edu-comment A nice quote: "the more diverse we are when we gather, the more we stimulate, challenge and goad one another to greater heights of imagination and creativity". Professor Ian Harper quoted by Ross Gittins. So what happens when our schools become even less inclusive and diverse? On the same note, this reflection from Bruce Elder is worth reading.


And * Lyndsay Connors lays out an exquisite yet troubling analysis of the abandoned role of government in educating our children. A must-read! Also she shows how we are now reaping the whirlwind created by consumers and providers in school education.

* August is quiet on the school front but two articles in The Age on August 5 tell a story. The first shows that the barriers some kids face in finding a school ('The students with disabilities excluded from our schools' Melissa Raine in The Age). The second 'Competition fierce for places at private Melbourne girls' schools' is the flipside. Maybe the families in the first article could tell the families in the second about a real problem?

JULY 2019

JUNE 2019


Edu-comment New selective school in SW Sydney? An unbelievably stupid decision! Our Institutionalised Separation paper shows the likely impact. For most local students, this new school will turn disadvantage into disaster. It is hard to find a decision that so obviously flies in the face of evidence! Read more of my response in Pearls and Irritations.


Edu-comment: After the early work done by Bernie Shepherd and Chris Bonner on these matters it is so rewarding to see our findings confirmed, improved and expanded by the Grattan Institute, amongst others. Good work from Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann. More comments in Pearls and Irritations.

MARCH 2019
* Trevor Cobbold shows how under new agreements public schools will only be ever funded at 91% of the national resource standard at best, while private schools are guaranteed to be funded at 100% of the standard or more by 2023.Most state governments have walked away from their funding obligations. It threatens huge costs to individuals, society and the national economy. * Following the corruption aound uni entry in the US, Kellie Bousfield shows how 'Aussie parents are under pressure to buy their kids academic advantage too'The Convo * Conflict of interest: The AEU has raised concerns that the previous head of ACARA is now working with Pearson * 'Funding Increases for Private Schools Continue to Outstrip Increases for Public Schools' A very significant contribution: Trevor Cobbold creates a 'level playing field' comparison of school funding to come up with alarming figures and trends. * SMH reports on some submissions to the current review of NAPLAN. Funny how the private school peak group seems at odds with principals! On the matter of testing, the SMH reports that PISA is set to change. * 'The ups and downs of school fees' We are going to hear more about school fees. Here is my wider perspective in Policy Forum.




Edu-comment: The investigation by the ABC takes up where Bernie Shepherd and I left off. Our first report on this was over two years ago and since then given oxygen by the Centre for Policy Development. More mainstream media and researchers should be doing this work - but then again, they don't all have the talents of people like Inga Ting !


Edu-comment: The Anglican schools say the discrimination is needed so the schools can maintain their  ethos and values. I did asked whether this means that chaplains in secular schools should be given the axe. Another reality is that if we are going to battle discrimination we have a long fight ahead! 





Edu-comment: Two comments on the Ruddock review:

1. Current discrimination is now, after the plebiscite, way out of step with public opinion.

2. The freedom of private schools to discriminate is unconscionable, given their level of public funding.     But...this could be a debate we had to have...triggered by those who probably didn't want any debate at all. More in Pearls and Irritations. 



Funding Wars:

The headings of the following articles tell their own story. The Fairfax media journalists and editorials are consistently critical:

The Murdoch Press, not unsurprisingly, gives columns to Catholic system lobbyist from the Victorian Catholic Education Commission, former liberal MP, Stephen Elder and his attempt to answer critics. The Australian which is behind a pay wall, had these articles on the Funding Wars:

Edu-comment:  I'm starting to research the public cost of school choice and duplication of schools. So far I've found that competing small gov and non-gov schools in 100 NSW towns cost governments (state and federal) $30m extra each year. Watch this space!


JULY 2018