Trevor Cobbold Facts and Figures: State Aid to Private Schools is Disastrous Public Policy


Trevor Cobbold provides   Facts and Figures: 

State Aid to Private Schools is Disastrous Public Policy

Trevor Cobbold of Save Our Schools continues, valiantly, to expose the funding follies with public funding of private education. 

Paying for Public Education: A Revenue and NOT a Spending Problem



Paying for Public Education: A Revenue and NOT a Spending Problem


Private School: Public Cost : Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd

Recent trends in school recurrent funding strongly suggest that over 40 per cent of students in Catholic schools next year will average as much, if not more, public funding than their peers in similar government schools. Two years further on an additional 40 per cent will most likely join them. Half the students in Independent schools are on track to get as much, if not more, than government school students by the end of the decade.

Bernie Shepherd's Latest Statistics on Inequality in the Australiaan Education System.





New Figures Show that Government Funding Increases Favour Private Schools: Trevor Cobbold 28.01.2015

New Figures Show that Government Funding Increases Favour Private Schools

Wednesday January 28, 2015

New school funding figures provided to Senate Estimates show that government funding increases for Catholic and Independent schools have outstripped funding increases for public schools since 2009. The percentage increase in funding for Catholic and Independent schools was almost double that for public schools despite the fact that public schools enrol the overwhelming majority of students in need of increased support.



Our politicians in Canberra are chanting the mantra,  ‘Funding is not the problem’ .


Proper Funding of Public Education does matter.

There are two reasons why Public Education in Australia faces a funding crisis.

Jim McMorrow 2014 Report

See how the Abbott/Hockey Budget cuts to Gonski funding will rip $2.67  

billion away from public schools at



When did the State Aid Debate die? (17.06.2014)

School Money Wars


From Save our Schools Australia website at


The claim that there has been a huge increase in government funding of schools over the past decade or more while school outcomes have declined is highly misleading. The increase in funding was relatively small and there have been some significant improvements in school outcomes.

Some Facts and Figures about Wealthy Schools

February 16 2012: The general public and taxpayers are outraged at the upper-middle class welfare involved in taxpayer funding of wealthy private schools.

DOGS have always said that they had to be paid off to cement the unholy alliance between Protestant and Catholic schools in the 1970s. Now they have to be paid off to enable insecure middle class parents to have choice. The following research from Trevor Cobbold of Save Our Schools illustrates the level of direct grants enjoyed by these schools. His figures do not include the taxation expenditures involved in taxation exemptions.

The More State Aid, the higher the fees

Increases in 2010 tuition fees at key private schools. Australian Financial Review 5-6 December 2009

Comparison of Funding of Government and Non-Government Schools

Comparison of Howard Government Recurrent Funding of Government V Non-Government Schools 2006/2007 And 2007/2008

Federal Budget Papers 2006 | Church Schools Favoured Over All The Rest

DOGS wish to congratulate the Australian Education Union for their analysis of the Federal Budget Papers 2006 on their website at  "Funding for Schools and VET."

There should be a notice above the High Court portal

The following is a list of the thirteen Justices appointed to the High Court since 1980.

Below The State Aid Iceberg: Charity Inc And The Business Review Weekly 2005

"History has a very important economic aspect. One of the dangers of subsidizing religious institutions and granting them financial privileges ( such as exemption from income tax, land and municipal rates, sales and other taxes) is that such Institutions tend to become extremely wealthy to aggrandize and to become States within a State.

Bluff Can Be Called By Proper Incremental Costing

Private Schools Threaten "Goulburn Closure" Blackmail. Saving To Taxpayers Of $2.4 Billion Not A Cost Of $4.2 Billion

Although it now costs the taxpayer more to run many private church schools and church school systems than to fund a first class public school system, the old chesnut that private church schools save money and the public system collapse if they are not given the funding they demand to provide the privileged with further privileges, we are once again being threatened with a "flood" of private school children enrolled in public education.

Ten Million Dollar A Year Church Schools

In the 1960s DOGS predicted that the trickling stream of State Aid to church schools would end in a raging flood.

Federal Election Year 2004

The latest facts and figures have been produced by the AEU's Response to the Australian Government's 'School Funding - the Facts'

Massive Increase In Funding To Church Schools While Public Systems Suffer

State Aid was re-introduced as a result of political blackmail. Whatever was given in one year was a prelude to the demands for the next year and following years. A little whetted the appetite for much more. In the opening phases, modest amounts were sought. Deference became preference and now preference has become near monopoly. The Church has truly invaded the Public Treasury. Public funds are open to plunder. The group with the most supporters, the largest political lobby, and the greatest political power, has and will be best able to exploit the public treasury for what it chooses to call education.

Dividing Australia

Before State Aid was introduced again in the Twentieth Century, the opponents of State Aid declared that "public money to private schools encourages division amongst children based on social, economic, class, and particularisms such as colour, country, ethnicity, and creed. It was clearly stated that the increase in State Aid would divide children along the lines of divisions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Children have been divided by colour and within colour.

Decline of Public Education Percentage Share of Federal Funding

As predicted by the D.O.G.S. the percentage share of federal funding received by public education has declined significantly. The following table clearly indicates that in the first year of federal funding public education received 73.7% of federal funding. If the latest States Grants Bill in 2000 is passed, it is predicted that in the year 2003/2004 public school percentage share of federal funding will decline to 32.2%. One should remember that the percentage share of pupil population in government schools for 1999 was 69.9%.


Decline in Public School Percentage Share of Pupil Population

Decline in Public School Percentage Share of Pupil Population

State Aid has brought about the decline of the percentage share of pupils in the public systems throughout Australia - as it was intended to do by the major beneficiary.

Below is a table, by decades of the percentage share of public education of school children. (1901-1999)

Victoria 1992-1998 Public Versus Private

The Following Figures Illustrate The Result Of Favoured Funding Of Private Schools By The Kennett Government During The Period 1992 To 1999