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Mark Scott to Head NSW Education Department without Commitment to Public Education

Press Release 659

                                               AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR THE DEFENCE OF GOVERNMENT








City Schools for City Kids

Press Release 658

Parents have always had to make a lot of noise and develop political clout in order to obtain, maintain, and save their public schools. Even middle class inner city parents are discovering this. They are on the move. DOGS received this email from the City Schools for City Kids group.

Parent Power: Demanding Public Schools for Inner Melbourne

Press Release 657

For decades, it was assumed that people, couples and children would not live in inner Melbourne. Schools would no longer be necessary. They closed most of the schools inherited from previous generations. Short-sighted, crazy Kennett led the charge, and in the case of Richmond secondary college, local parents and teachers (not the union and certainly not Trades Hall) saved the school.

Public Schools Beware Hedge Funds and the Charter School Movement

Press Release 656

International Capital - Hedge Funds are wandering the world for a safe profit making haven. Public school systems are fair game. In the USA they have invented the Charter School movement.

Public school supporters in Australia and especially members of public school Councils in Australia should beware hedge funds bearing gifts.

Birmingham and Turnbull and looking to the UK and America for models of privatisation.

THE TIPPING POINT OF STATE AID: When it costs taxpayers MORE to fund ‘Poor” Catholic schools!

Press Release 655

The time has come to pull the plug on the State Aid mythologising. Public funding of Catholic education does not save the taxpayer any money. Rather in some areas, Catholic schools cost the taxpayer MORE than Public Education .

Ofuscation and misinterpretation of even public statistics by the Catholic Education Office is finally being exposed.

A Tale of Two Budgets: And the winners? Private Enterprise and sectarian education – again.

Press Release 655

Both State and Federal Budgets leave Private enterprise and sectarian education as the quiet winners in their 2016-17 Budget papers.

The Victorian Education Budget: A Moveable Feast of Figures

Press Release 654

DOGS, as usual, discover that Government Budget papers are designed to obfuscate rather than inform taxpaying citizens.
How much is Public Education worth to the Victorian government – really?

The Age, April 27 claims that the 2016 Victorian Government funding budget provides $1.1 billion for education. The Australian April 28 mentions $924 million and the Treasurer at says :
$747 million from the start of the 2016 year .

SECTARIANISM IN EDUCATION : Funding withdrawn from Islamic but not Catholic schools

Press Release 653

When it comes to the exposure of corruption and mismanagement of public funds, it seems that some religions are more equal than others. The Catholic certainly take precedence over Islamic systems.

Wendy McCarthy Treasures the Opportunities Provided by Her Public School Education

Press Release 652

                                             AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR THE DEFENCE OF GOVERNMENT





Wendy McCarthy Treasures the Opportunities Provided by

Her Public School Education


Malcolm Turnbull wishes to only Fund Private Education so Funding of Public Education has just become a key election issue.

Press Release 651

Funding of Public Education, as opposed to private sectarian education has just become a key election issue.

Last week Mr Turnbull said that, if state governments were given a share of income tax revenue, the federal government could withdraw from funding public schools, while continuing to fund non-government schools.

His thought bubble was pricked by State Governments at COAG. The Labor Party and the electorate reacted. Opinion polls turned against the Coalition.

The Federation has been under fiscal strain and unbalanced since the Second World War when income tax was taken from the States by the federal government. But the States resisted Turnbull’s temptation.



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