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Don’t Vote Greens Catholics urged


Does the Catholic vote count any more?

If catholic schools want to discriminate in hiring staff then stop taking government money. Commenter MJ

Date and time:June 24, 2016, 8:48PM


Absolutely. If you accept government money, leave your discrimination at the door. Out of interest, why does an all-knowing, all-powerful omnipotent god always need just a bit more money? I only ask as the last valuation of the Catholic Church's assets pegged it at $8 billion - pretty good growth rate given the message of poverty Jesus conveyed...Commenter Glasnost

Date and time: June 24, 2016, 10:15PM

These comments were prompted by the report in the Fairfax media : that

Tens of thousands of Victorian Catholic school students have been sent home with letters warning their parents against voting for the Greens in next week's federal election. The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria has circulated the letter to schools in marginal seats, seats where MPs are retiring and electorates where the Greens are hoping for a win. Some Catholic princiapls are refusing to distribute the letter.

The same tactic was used in the State election – and had the opposite effect. The Catholic vote is a swiftly waning political force. The Greens in Melbourne should be delighted that the Catholic hierarchy has made the same mistake again. And given this message from the Catholic sector, Public school supporters should consider seriously the Greens  education policies.

Why ? Mr Elder, a former State Liberal MP and current Director of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria  is concerned that the Greens wish to implement a genuine ‘Needs” policy. DOGS have never had any illusions about any form of a ‘Needs’ policy. The private sector have always manage to forge such policies into ‘Greeds’ policies.

For example, DOGS have exposed the Catholic church of diverting ‘Needs” funding to wealthy schools for the last forty years. The Victorian Auditor General has finally exposed their mismanagement of taxpayer funds. See DOGS Press Releases 647 and 649

But Public school supporters can only put the Coalition parties last on their ballot papers.


The public school vote has already made the Labor Party competitive in the coming Federal election. It is to be hoped that a sensible, independently minded  Senate – the House of Review - will prevent further privatisation of public education if the Coalition, as predicted,  win a majority of seats in the House of Representatives.






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