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Press Release 393 Public School Vote Abandons Major Parties (17.08.10)

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Press Release 287 Erosion of Church State Separation: Churches can be Built with Federal Education Funds (11.03.09)

Press Release 286 Geelong Grammar Top-Up Funding: $1 Million 'Happiness'Junket for Public Servants (25.02.09)

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Press Release 225 One School System Network: Canadian Groups Supports Non-Sectarian Public Education (30.10.07)

Press Release 224 Church Runs State Ragged with Secret Meetings with Rudd and Smith (19.10.07)

Press Release 223 Rudd and Smith Dump 35 Year ALP Needs Policy (12.10.07)

Press Release 222 Definition of Public Education: USA and Australia Yes! Canada No! (05.10.07)

Press Release 221 Catholic Pastoral Letters on Education 2007: England and Wales & Australia (01.10.07)

Press Release 220 University of Notre Dame: ALP and Coalition Fight for Sectarian Vote ( 30.08.07)

Press Release 219 State Aid Funding Untruths (24.08.07)

Press Release 218 Catholic Schools at a Crossroads: Private Good not Public Good (17.08.07)

Press Release 217 Julie Bishop's Launch of the Official History of State Aid (13.08.07)

Press Release 216 The Stupid Country: Mistaken Impressions of the Integrated System (01.08.07)

Press Release 215 The Stupid Country: Timid and Unwise (31.07.07)

Press Release 214 A History of State Aid to Non-Government Schools in Australia and Accountability (19.07.07

Press Release 213 George Orwell, George Pell and A History of State Aid to Non-Government Schools in Australia (16.07.07)

Press Release 212 Cardinal Pell: Why Church Schools can Never be Public Schools (21.06.07)

Press Release 211 Corporate School Sponsorship: Bishop Attacks Public Education (07.06.07)

Press Release 210 Destruction of Public Education: The End Game Plan: Integration with Church Schools (31.05.07)

Press Release 209 Vouchers, Shared Facilities and Captured Schools (24.05.07)

Press Release 208 National Public Education Day: ALP Fraudulent use of Words (24.05.07)

Press Release 207 Education Week 2007: Failure to Promote the Value and Values of Public Education(16.05.07)

Press Release 206 Federal Budget 2007/08: A Destructive Snow Job on Public Education (10.05.07)

Press Release 205 Public Education Definition: Why Church Schools can Never be Public Schools (01.05.07)

Press Release 204 Key Education Portfolios Taken by Sectarians: Sinn Fein and IRA Activists in N.I. (26.04.07)

Press Release 203 Rudd, Smith and ALP Cant See Past the Roman Catholic Vote (16.04.07)

Press Release 202 Failure of Rudd and Smith to Even Refer to Public Education or Public Schools (27.03.07)

Press Release 201 "Culture Warriors": Public Education/ Federal ALP Connection Smashed by Rudd and Smith (23.03.07)

Press Release 200 Greens Policy Threatens Catholic School Freedom ?: Rubbish! (20.03.07)

Press Release 199 Religious School Contact at Work in ABC: Cancer in Body Politic at Work (20.03.07)

Press Release 198 Public Education Lobby Groups: Stark Contrast Between Federal AEU and ACSSO (13.03.07)

Press Release 197 Educational Tribalism on the Increase: Bad News for Australian Community (06.03.07)

Press Release 196 Howard's Chaplaincy program Rejected by Roman Catholic Church (06.03.07)

Press Release 195 GATS and other International Trade Agreements: Threat to Public Education (06.03.07)

Press Release 194 Catholic World Youth Day Sydney 2008: Plan to Take over Public Schools ? (16.02.07)

Press Release 193 Where are the Public Education Champions of Days Gone By ? (26.1.07)

Press Release 192 Message for Public Education New Chums (26.1.07)

Press Release 191 Public Education has an Invaluable Political Purpose (26.1.07)

Press Release 190 John Lenders: Private School Supporter to "Manage" Victorian Public Education (25.1.07)

Press Release 189 John Ralston Saul's Blank Spot in Australian Education and History (25.1.07)

Press Release 188 John Ralston Saul: Leaders Opinion Makers and the Importance of History (25.1.07)

Press Release 187 Official Federal Coalition /Church School History of State Aid: Third Instalment (18.1.07)

Press Release 186 Is John Lenders Going to be the Victorian PPPs Minister for Education? (17.1.07)

Press Release 185 Bad News for Australian Public Education: Kevin Rudd appoints Stephen Smith Shadow Federal Minister for Education ( 17.1.07)

Press Release 184 Scottish Roman Catholic Schools Root Cause of Sectarian Bigotry ( 5.1.07)

Press Release 183 2007 New Year Message to the International Community: Church School Faction a Cancer in the Body Politic (5.1.07)

Press Release 182 School Chaplaincy Reference Group Stacked: President of ACSSO Should Resign (30.11.06)

Press Release 181 Kirby's Dissent in IR HIgh Court Case Reveals Danger of PPPs for Public Education (21.11.06)

Press Release 180 Victorian State Election 2006: Bracks Promises 1.6 billion but Undermines Public Education (15.11.06)

Press Release 179 Enrolment Quotas in Sectarian Faith Schools: Roman Catholic Tribalism in the United Kingdom (08.11.06)

Press Release 178 Catholisation of the Coalition, Public Service and Prisons in Australia (07.11.06)

Press Release 177 School Chaplains: John Howard a Revolutionary and Ignoramus (30.10.06)

Press Release 176 APOLOGY: Kevin Rudd Does not Agree with Founding Fathers on Separation of Church and State (23.10.06)

Press Release 175 Australian School Statistics: Expansion of Australian Church Schools by Denomination (23.10.06)

Press Release 174 Australian Values: Andrew Robb's Incomplete List (16.10.06)

Press Release 173 Kevin Rudd Agrees with Founding Fathers on Separation of Church and State (11.10.06)

Press Release 172 Institute of Public Affairs (I. P.A.) is Wrong (10.10.06)

Press Release 171 Australian Citizenship Test: Separation of Church and State - Secular State (10.10.06)

Press Release 170 Church School reaches $10 million Mark in Federal Per Capita Funding (04.10.06)

Press Release 169 Justice Lionel Murphy: 20th Anniversary of his Death: Separation of Church and State (26.09.06)

Press Release 168 Opus Dei Ruth Kelly Protecting Faith (Church) Schools in new UK Ministry (06.09.06)

Press Release 167 UK Secularists Must Follow Lord Altrincham not Lord Baker on Faith (Church) Schools (30.08.06)

Press Release 166 Edmund Barton and Samuel Griffith Agree on No State Aid and Support Public Education (24.08.06)

Press Release 165 Secular State Attacked by Roman Catholic Bishop (22.08.06)

Press Release 164 Melbourne Media Failure (15.08.06)

Press Release 163 Closed Private School Federal Funding Inquiry (15.08.06)

Press Release 162 Accountability Must be Renewed: Australasian Study of Parliament Group (14.08.06)

Press Release 161 Australian History Summit ; Evidence of the Cancer in the Body Politic (03.08.06)

Press Release 160 Australian History Summit ; Political Correctness Writ Large (03.08.06)

Press Release 159 Former UK Education Secretaries Admit "Faith Schools" a Mistake (26.07.06)

Press Release 158 "Google" Still a Problem Search Engine for the DOGS website on the "Australian Pages" (20.07.06)

Press Release 157 Why the 1872 Secular Provision in Public Education Should have been Retained (20.07.06)

Press Release 156 Dr. Peter Dawkins Advocates a More Integrated Public-Private School System (18.07.06)

Press Release 155 Dr. Peter Dawkins and the Company He Keeps: A Bad Sign for Public Education (06.07.06)

Press Release 154 Dr. Peter Dawkins; Appalling Appointment for Public Education (30.06.06)

Press Release 153 State School Chaplaincy Promoters Attack Public Education and Church State Separation (22.06.06)

Press Release 152 Church Schools Promote Tribalism: Bill Shorten; "The Catholic Faith - That's My Tribe!"( 21.06.06)

Press Release 151 Statements of Support Required from Those Involved in Public Education (17.05.06)

Press Release 150 The Importance of Public Education Week 2006 (17.05.06)

Press Release 149 Budget Papers 2006: Church Schools Trample on all the Rest (17.05.06)

Press Release 148 Macklin throws Beazley Back into the State Aid Fire (11.05.06)

Press Release 147 Bracks/Kosky Break down the Democratic Process; Lessons from John Major (10.05.06)

Press Release 146 The Australian with ALP Apparatchiks: Beazley, Shorten, Emerson, Tanner and now Mundine promote State Aid(10.05.06)

Press Release 145 Kim Beazley Jnr and the Needs School Education Funding Policy: Another Fraud?(04.05.06)

Press Release 144 Education and Training Reform Bill: DOGS Prediction Confirmed by Kosky in Legislation Committee(27.04.06)

Press Release 143 Centralisation of the Catholic Education System (19.04.06)

Press Release 142 The Education and Training Reform Bill -House of Assembly Debates ( 19.04.06)

Press Release 141 The Age- The Education and Training Reform Bill -The Role of the Press in a Democracy (23.03.06)

Press Release 140 The Official History of State Aid in Australia (08.03.06)

Press Release 139 Kosky or Dixon: Frying Pan or Fire? (02.03.06)

Press Release 138 Crisis in Private Education: Manna over Morals (23.02.06)

Press Release 137 Education and Training Reform Bill: Never a Good Time for Bad Ideas (23.02.06)

Press Release 136 Education and Training Reform Bill: Religious Objections (16.02.06)

Press Release 135 Education and Training Reform Bill: Introduction to Parliament by Stealth ( 08.02.06)

Press Release 134 Education and Training Reform Bill: Fundamental Change in Religious Education ( 06.02.06)

Press Release 133 Parents at Tatong Fight to Save Their State School (26.01/06)

Press Release 132 Schools to Close Over Poor Results (26.01/06)

Press Release 131 Education and Training Reform Bill : Will Bracks follow the Balr/Kelly UK Model?(26.01/06)

Press Release 130 Official History of State Aid in Australia? (25.01.06)

Press Release 129 Head of Victorian Institute of Teachers Ex-ASIO Officer (05.12.05)

Press Release 128 Bracks Government Opts Out as Provider of Public Education (02.12.05)

Press Release 127 Congratulations to Public School Supporters (21.11.05)

Press Release 126 The Age Continues Vicious Attack on public Education by Promoting Public Private Partnerships (11.10.05)

Press Release 125 Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body: Implications for Public Education (11.10.05 )

Press Release 124 Suggested Action on Proposed Legislation: Petitions and Letter (02.10.05)

Press Release 123 Appointment of S. Crennan to High Court: Private School Favouritism: Public School Graduates need not apply (25.09.05)

Press Release 122 Kosky Guided by Privatisation Advisers Hell Bent on Destroying Public Education ( 12.09.05)

Press Release 121 Petro Georgiou in Religious Liberty Wonderland (31.08.05)

Press Release 120 Separation of Church and State, Secularism and the Muslim Summit (30.08.05)

Press Release 119 Islamic Summit-Islamic Schools-Muslim Leaders Summit: Failure to Promote Public Education(25.08.05)

Press Release 118 DOGS seek Assistance from ABC Media Watch for Advice and Assistance with Odd Behaviour of Google (25.08.05)

Press Release 117 Is Google Part of the Australian Conspiracy of Silence on the Defence of Government Schools? (10.08.05)

Press Release 116 Failure of the Age to Provide Balanced Coverage on the So-Called Integrated Public Education System

Press Release 115 Lynne Kosky's Public Statement on the Review of Education and Training Legislation.

Press Release 114 Australian Newspaper's Campaign Against public Education and Promotion of Cancer in the Body Politic

Press Release 113 Open Letter to Minister of Education and Bureaucrats: Assessment of Their Personal Commitment to Public Education

Press Release 112 Review of Education and Training Legislation: Open and Transparent Processes?

Press Release 111 Accountability for State Aid: The Fox Looking Over the Chickens?

Press Release 110 Further Letter to Minister for Education Concerning Legislation to Abandon Free Education(6 June 2005)

Press Release 109 Public Education in Peril: Brack's Philosophy and Legislation on Education and Training Threatens Privatisation of Public Education in Victoria

Press Release 108 Letter to Business Review Weekly re Charities

Press Release 107 Below the State Aid Iceberg: Charities Inc.: Business Review Weekly and the $70 Billion Charities Sector

Press Release 106 Letter to Australian Newspaper: Distinction Between Public and Private

Press Release 105 Letter to Minister for Education Concerning Legislation to Abandon Free Education (4 March 2005 )

Press Release 104 Victorian ALP plans legislation to Destroy public Education

Press Release 103 Education, Politics and Religion: Professor Wayne Sawyer English Language Dispute

Press Release 102 Opus Dei and Public Education: Is there a Connection in Australia?

Press Release 101 State Aid to Church Schools: By Their Results Shall You Know Them

Press Release 100 Politicians in Wonderland on Separation of Church and State

Press Release 99 Federal Election 2004:Prospects for Public Education

Press Release 98 State Aid Auction and Private School Blackmail: Labor Should Call Bluff on Incremental Costs

Press Release 97 Shane Maloney and Scotch College: Private Schools must not be Allowed to Win Their War Against Government Schools

Press Release 96 Howard says High Court Challenge to State Aid Strikes Fear into Roman Catholic Church: Why?

Press Release 95 Charitable Exemptions and What they Mean for Wealthy Private Schools

Press Release 94 State School Parent Attacks the Age Newspaper on Bias Towards Private Schools and Insecure Parents

Press Release 93 Lifelong Learning Funding Report: The Tale of Two Nations- the Haves and the Have-Nots

Press Release 92 NSW Teachers Federation and High Court Challenge to Religious Schools and DOGS Reaction

Press Release 91 DOGS Submission to Senate Inquiry into School Funding

Press Release 90 Corruption of Democracy: New Fitzgerald Enquiry

Press Release 89 Reading Vouchers: A Grave Danger to Public Education

Press Release 88 Roman Catholic Bishops Dip Toes in Election Waters

Press Release 87 Mr Costello says: "A government should never get into religious endeavours"

Press Release 86 State Aid out of Control: Howard, Nelson and Costello's Ten Million Dollar Church Schools

Press Release 85 Public Education and the Federal Government's "Values Road Show"

Press Release 84 Letter to Commonwealth Auditor General on Accountability

Press Release 83 School Rot: 50000 Public School Pupils in Decaying Portables

Press Release 82 Poor Roman Catholic Children and Public Schools

Press Release 81 Mr Latham and State Aid

Press Release 80 The End of Globalism

Press Release 79 Congratulations to AEU on Statistics Research

Press Release 78 Mr Howard's Values

Press Release 77 Is the Labor Party Trying to Fool Public School Supporters?

Press Release 76 Accountability for State Aid: Letter to Green Senators

Press Release 75 A Divided Nation ?

Press Release 74 Guess Who?

Press Release 73 Privatisation of Education in Blair's England

Press Release 72 Destabilisation of the Victorian Pubic Education System

Press Release 71 Ethics and State Aid to Religious Schools

Press Release 70 Barry Jones Bemoans Uncanny Silence on Public Education

Press Release 69 Public Accountability a Travesty

Press Release 68 Sexual Abuse in Church Schools

Press Release 67 Federal Budget 2003: Private Church Schools WInners by Far

Press Release 66 Public Education Day 22 May 2003 : Public Education Needs Supporters

Press Release 65 What Happened to "Public Education" ijn Education Week in Victoria

Press Release 64 Sectarianism in Scotland

Press Release 63 Private and Public School Enrolments

Press Release 62 Congratulation to the AEU on their Annual Conference

Press Release 61 Downer: One Rule for Home, Another Abroad

Press Release 60 Secular State a Myth in Australia

Press Release 59 High Courts Turns a Shield into a Sword

Press Release 58 TAFE HECS and the GATS

Press Release 57 Public/Private Partnerships in School Maintenance

Press Release 56 STOP THE GATS

Press Release 55 Public Education Day and Commitment to Public Edcuation

Press Release 54 Conspiracy of Silence on Enormity of Increases to Sectarian Education Funding

Press Release 53 Church Schools to Receive more than Universities by 2005-06

Press Release 52 Liberal Party Education: Only the Rich Need Apply

Press Release 51 Essential Background to "Australia's Educational Choices": Report to Menzies Research Centre

Press Release 50 Melbourne Academics Let Public Education Down

Press Release 49 Faith Schools Controversy in England: Labor Party Rebels Demand Integration

Press Release 48 Public Education and Multiculturalism

Press Release 47 New Times: New Directions: D. Fitzgerald, AEU Conference Address

Press Release 46 Ken Boston: Bonding Strengthens Society, Bridging Protects it

Press Release 45 How Public School Supporters can Vote in Federal Election 2001

Press Release 44 The Class War we Ought to Have

Press Release 43 Non-Catholic Schools Playing the Federal State Aid Game

Press Release 42 Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Definition of Charity

Press Release 41 Church lays down Rules for Accountability

Press Release 40 Coalition gives Massive Funds to Private Church Schools

Press Release 39 Is the Labour Party Fair Dinkum about Public Education

Press Release 38 Racial and Religious Tolerance Bill (Vic) A Threat to our Tolerant, Harmonious and Liberal Societ

Press Release 37 Priests More Powerful than the Professor and Poor Man in the Corridors of Power

Press Release 36 A Bill of Rights and Separation of Church and State

Press Release 35 Justice Kirby is not the First High Court Judge to Defend Public Education

Press Release 34 Archbishop Hollingworth as Governor General and Church State Separation

Press Release 33 DOGS Letter to Victorian Minsiter for Education, Mary Delahunty

Press Release 32 Congratulations to Public School Supporters on National Public Education Day

Press Release 31 Bush Tells Bishops School Vouchers Need a New Name

Press Release 30 DOGS Submission to Enquiry into the Definition of Charity

Press Release 29 Denis Fitzgerald Presidential Address to AEU Conference 17 January 2001

Press Release 28 Congratulations to AEU: Mr Howard - Beware the Ides of March

Press Release 27 DOGS Open letter to Prominent Political Journalists on State Aid

Press Release 26 DOGS Open letter to Politicians and Press on Lack of Accountability for State Aid

Press Release 25 Prominent Australians Petititon the Senate for Public Education Funding

Press Release 24 The text of the Lionel Murphy Memorial Lecture, Monash University, 26 October 2000.

Press Release 23 Mr Bracks and the WEF .

Press Release 22 The World Economic Forum and Public Education .

Press Release 21 Latest News from 3 CR Program 9 September 2000: Latham on Church/State "deals" .

Press Release 20 Latest News from 3 CR Program 26 August 2000.

Press Release 19 Submission to Senate Committee re State Aid .

Press Release 18 Latest News from 3CR Program 19 August 2000.

Press Release 17 Latest News from 3CR Program 12 August 2000 .

Press Release 16 Massive Aid Increases and Deals Between Church and State .

Press Release 15 Latest News from our 3Cr program August 5 2000.











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