Press Release 501

Labor's Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill which is currently before the Senate offers religious employers open slather. It has long been a problem for teachers. It is now becoming a political issue.

DOGS are not surprised. They have always said that centuries of religious conflict led the Men of the Enlightenment to realise that If you break the principle of separation of religion and the State;


  • If you give public funding to religious institutions;
  • If the State becomes entangled with the State;
  • If the State endows religion with taxpayer funding;
Then you get :
  • Discrimination against minorities;
  • Inequality;
  • Separation and discrimination against children, employees, the vulnerable;
  • The pillaring of society; and Civil discord are the inevitable result. 
  • Our ancestors learnt this lesson and placed the First Amendment in the American Constitution and its equivalent, Section 116 in the Australian Constitution. But our High Court, in 1981, turned Section 116 on its head. Australia, with religious leaders flexing their political muscles – at public expense, is now doomed to learn the lessons of history all over again

Those interested in the rights of the vulnerable and minorities are starting to wake up.