ASX 200 Companies Tax Avoidance: Companies SHould Pay Tax for our Public Education System, Not capture them for Profiteering.

Press Release 570

Proper Funding of Public Education does matter.

There are two reasons why Public Education in Australia faces a funding crisis.

Public Funding has been diverted – billions of it – into the private, religious sector, This has dire consequences for the educational standards and social cohesion of our nation.
The wealthy, particularly the wealthy multinational companies pay little or no tax.

Harper Competition Review: Concept of Public Education Threatened by Competition at Any Price

Press Release 569

Since their establishment in the nineteenth century, Public Education Departments, with their ability to

train, pay, and supervise teachers for both city and country schools;
ensure resources for both urban and remote areas; and
with their objective of equal opportunity for all –

have been under constant attack from religious and profiteering competitors. The latest threat comes from the Draft Report of the Harper Competition Review.

Mr Abbott and Separation of Church and State

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Questions for PM Abbott on his comment concerning separation of church and state

PM Tony Abbott says he is committed to separation of church and state. In press release from the Rationalist Association of NSW his commitment is questioned.



Private School Con Job Exposed by Academic Research

Press Release 564

Our public system, the inheritance of both our children and our democracy, is the victim of false advertising. Idealogues,con artists and spin doctors are controlling the future of our public systems.

Chile'Education Bill: An Example for Australia

Press Release 562

The battle for public education - free, secular and universal - is being fought in Chile by teachers and students. They are winning. Their example is an inspiration for supporters of public education in Australia.
The current policies of the Pyne/Nixon education ministers promise to impose a Chilean style voucher system on Australia – at the same time that Chile is fighting its way out of this grossly inequitable system.
Chilean education suffered grievously under Pinochet’s market oriented policies The dictator imposed the market ideology on Chilean education. In the same way our Lib/Labor politicians have imposed the Thatcher/ Reagan market ideology on education in this country.