So-Called Independent Public Schools Can Become 'Captured Schools'.

Press Release 550

The Federal Minister for Education, Mr Pyne, should do research on what has happened to Mr Gove’s ‘Free” State Schools in the UK before he repeats the grave mistake in Australia.
Independent Public Schools, are another name for schools put into the market place for privatisation - ripe for ‘capture’ by any and every religious group.
In Birmingham, evidence is mounting that Muslim hardliners have attempted to take over of up to twenty five Birmingham schools.

Taking God to School: The End of Egalitarian Education

Press Release 543

This is the title of a book recently published by Marion Maddox , the professor of Politics at Macquarie University. It is available at Embiggen Book Shop in Melbourne. It represents a realisation by the Sydney elite that perhaps the DOGS have been right all along. You can have a Denominational or a public system funded by the State. You cannot have both. With a State funded Denominational system you certainly cannot have separation of religion and the state.

Taxpayers Pay Murdoch Nearly $900m. How many Schools Would that Build? (22.02.2-14

Press Release 542

The single largest factor in the underlying deterioration of the federal budget announced by Treasurer Joe Hockey in December was a cash payout of almost $900 million to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

The Abbott Government moralises at Australian citizens that their Age of Entitlement is over. Yet it seems that this end of entitlement excludes wealthy billionaires like Rupert Murdoch who are entitled to minimise their tax.