Taxation for Education

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5 June 2014


Big Secularism and the City of God

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David Hastie promotes denominationalism as an Australian ideological sprawl in which any and every religion and religious school flourish at taxpayers expense. He accuses Marion Maddox of ‘Big Secularism’—the ‘determination to ban government support for religious activities’.

If so, she is in illustrious company: Thomas Jefferson and Founding Fathers of the American Constitution; Andrew Inglis Clark, major draftsman of the Australian Constitution; Henry Bournes Higgins and Founding Fathers who placed Section 116 in the Australian Constitution;[i] and Justice Lionel Murphy, dissenter in the 1981 DOGS case. Some might say, Christ himself.[ii]

Coalition Education Agenda Perfectly Predictable

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There is a direct relationship between
· the recommendations of David Roscombe and Murdoch through the Institute of Public Affairs,
· the recommendations of the Australian Commission of Audit and
· the Budget announcements.

Jennifer Buckingham’s Call For Rich Families To Pay To Attend Public Schools : A Diversion : Education For A Plutocracy And Theocracy: Not A Democracy.

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The latest diversionary attack on public education, the cornerstone of our once fiercely democratic country, has been launched on those middle class families who actually BELIEVE in public education. Jennifer Buckingham of the Centre for Independent Studies recommends that such parents should ‘be forced to pay $1000 for this ‘Belief’

So-Called Independent Public Schools Can Become 'Captured Schools'.

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The Federal Minister for Education, Mr Pyne, should do research on what has happened to Mr Gove’s ‘Free” State Schools in the UK before he repeats the grave mistake in Australia.
Independent Public Schools, are another name for schools put into the market place for privatisation - ripe for ‘capture’ by any and every religious group.
In Birmingham, evidence is mounting that Muslim hardliners have attempted to take over of up to twenty five Birmingham schools.