Senator Doug Cameron, Discrimination, and Separation of Church and State

Press Release 502

The current debate over the Federal Government’s proposed anti-discrimination legislation has thrown into relief the inevitable result of entanglement between religion and the state.

The draft Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill is currently being examined by a Senate inquiry and some church leaders claim that the Prime Minister had assured that that she has no intention of limiting religious freedom –code for their freedom to discriminate on the basis of religion and lifestyle.

Religious Discrimination In Employment: Religion: A State Within The State

Press Release 501

Labor's Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill which is currently before the Senate offers religious employers open slather. It has long been a problem for teachers. It is now becoming a political issue.

DOGS are not surprised. They have always said that centuries of religious conflict led the Men of the Enlightenment to realise that If you break the principle of separation of religion and the State;


Taxation Exemptions: Expenditures In Favour Of The Rich

Press Release 500

The Australian Education Debate is top-heavy with facts, figures, testing procedures and statistics.
Yet there is a crucial figure that is constantly left out of the private school funding equation: taxation expenditures which generally go by the name of taxation exemptions.
Julia Gillard is looking for at least $4 billion for Australian public schools. Perhaps she should be looking at the non-for profit profiteering sector to find it.

Acacia College Goes to the Wall: Market Fails both Parents and Students

Press Release 490

The Melton Mowbray College and Mernda Acacia College closures are proof of the failure of the ‘market’ to educate children. The State Government has failed to provide sufficient State secondary facilities in these growing areas, leaving it to the so-called ’independent’ sector.